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Mrs. Crowley

"Telling him you miss him doesn’t make you weak. Telling him you wish he was here with you doesn’t make you lose your dignity. Telling him your bones ache and your fingers tremble when you think of him doesn’t make you of any less worth. Telling him your heart hurts because he’s not with you doesn’t make you less respected. Telling him you feel lost and incomplete without him doesn’t make you desperate. Telling him you feel empty without his words to fill you doesn’t make you pathetic. By god, just pick up the phone and tell him. Don’t let him slip away, darling, don’t let him slip away."

lessons learned from experience pt. 2 (CLS)

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got the courage to do this.
people need to realize things aren’t always what they seem. 

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"I crave touch, yet I flinch every time someone is close enough."

I have become rather fearful I suppose.  (via dollpoetry)

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you are a human being 

you are a human being

humans get hungry

humans get tired

humans forget

humans have emotions

you are a human being and losing control is normal

just make sure that you don’t let that loss of control define you

because humans are strong

humans recover

humans are built to survive

you are a human being

and you will make it through

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